Keeping lively

After finding myself in an unexpected period of unemployment, I’ve taken many positive steps to keep my spirits high… but it’s hard not to feel that pang of hopelessness. I’m jobless. Every day. How about that?

I’m told it’s normal for people to take months and months to find a new job. My psychologist says it’s been proven people struggle to find new jobs but the stats do show that it pays off, I’ll get a job eventually. What this really means is that this job hunting saga is an inevitably long, winding slope of uncertainty, and that’s ahead of me.

My friends say it’s normal to take time and something great will come along. And that I’m fabulous. So I’m keeping busy and getting lots done, and there’s already a strong foreboding sense of waiting. Waiting. Waiting. I can spend countless hours on job applications, answering criteria questions immaculately still without knowing or hearing back from potential employers.

In this accidental whirlwind of commotion I’ve managed to stop myself from sinking, and with the help of those around me I’m working every day on developing those important soft skills, refreshing my well being, discovering old hobbies and exploring new activities.

So I’ve started this blog about keeping lively, in a time of ambivalence.



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